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Access Levels

Minarets Computer Access Levels

Green group is the default at beginning of term.

Students with a 4.0  GPA or higher will be moved to Purple status for second semester.

Students with 3.5 GPA or higher and with teacher and admin recommendation will be considered for Purple group.

Students with below 2.3 GPA and/or more than one F will be assigned to YELLOW GROUP.

Students who violate Computer Use/Technology Policies will be assigned RED GROUP.

**Parents and Guardians may request lower access level for their students at anytime.
Parents are encouraged to monitor their students' access and work.


GREEN: (Default status) Student has 16 hours on the computer daily Monday-Friday. 7AM-12AM each day. Access to all applications, including messaging. On Saturday/Sunday, student has 6 hours access total for weekend, 7AM to 12AM. FaceTime, Messages Apps blocked.

YELLOW: Student has 13 hours on the computer per day Monday-Friday. 8AM to 9PM. Limited to WORK Applications and web browsing. No Messages App. Saturday/Sunday usage is 5 hours per day. No social media, no YouTube, no Spotify, and other distracting web services. Students in this group need to concentrate daily on working "bell to bell" in class. Yellow status is recommended by teachers and approved by administration based on student usage and behavior.

RED: Student has School hours only to work on computer. 8:00 to 4:00 each day. 8 hours total school days,  30 minutes Weekend access.  Other limitations based on Yellow group. This is assigned by administrators based on classroom/school behavior.

PURPLE: Student has 18 hours daily on computer. 6AM to 1AM. Unlimited hours on weekend. Awarded to students that show professional behavior in and out of class. Bluetooth, Messages, Facetime allowed. Granted by teachers and administrators. This status can be revoked at anytime.

LOANER COMPUTERS: For students that damage their primary computer or forget their computer at home. Loaner computers are available but on a daily check out basis. Computers will only work during the school day. 8AM to 4PM.

PRIVATE DEVICES: These devices are privately owned. No time limits are put in place unless requested by parent/guardian based on student use and behavior. Monitoring software for school is activated so administrators and teachers can monitor student work on campus. Web filtering is in place at school. Students who remove remote monitoring software will have their device taken off the network.

**Parents and Guardians may request lower access level for their student at anytime.

Parents are encouraged to monitor their students' access and work.


Updated: August 2021