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Bring your Own MacBook

Get your Own Computer to use for Anytime/Anywhere Learning

Minarets and Minarets Charter High School provides students with a school issued MacBook Air computer from Apple. These are to use during the academic school year. These computers are updated each year and maintained by the Chawanakee Technology Department. Parents and students are encouraged to get insurance for these laptops. Below are options for families that want to purchase laptops for their students.


Looking for NEW?

We recommend Apple MacBook Air. The education pricing for students start at $899.00

Also during this time you get a free set of AirPods.

Looking for used Apple Macbooks? These range from $300-$700.

Various organizations sell refurbished Apple MacBooks:

We have used TechtoSchool:

Often times you can find deals for used Macs on Groupon, search MacBook Air for your area:


What level Operation system does my Mac need to run?

Mac OS 11.5(BigSure) or higher.


Can I use a NON-Apple computer for Minarets Distance Learning?

Yes, with some exceptions. Most online assignments will be accessible via Canvas LMS and other learning tools are completely web based(online). Media Classes rely on video creation software such as Adobe Premiere on a Windows PC. On our Apple MacBooks we rely on Final Cut Pro for advanced media classes and iMovie for introductory courses. Some other courses(Graphic Design, some electives) rely on specialty software not found on the web or on a chromebook. Our graphic design students are provided with Adobe Photoshop on school laptops. Generally a chromebook is great for a K-8 student, but not so much for a 9-12 students. Chromebooks generally cannot run professional software.  Check with your teachers or our school tech personnel.


Updated Sept 2021