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Students are provided Apple MacBook Airs with professional software. These laptops have a value of $800-$1000. Students/families are responsible for these laptops. We strongly encourage all families to purchase laptop insurance each year.

Students that damage their laptops will be billed and expected to pay the full cost of the repair. Daily loaner laptops will be issued until students/families provided 25% of the repair cost. Typical repair cost is usually $300-$800 depending on type of damage. Once the original laptop is repaired and the initial repair cost of 25% has been paid, the laptop will be re-issued to the student. The remainder of the laptop repair bill is expected to be paid within that current school year. Payment plans for repair are available. Full repair payment is always accepted.

The Minarets "Lease to Own" program is on hold. We are not selling any school computers at this time.