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Principal's Message

August, 2018

Dear Minarets Students and Families,

Welcome back as we prepare to begin the 2018-2019 school year, our 10th year as a high school.  First, please take note of a couple of things: Please read and check through all of the important information that has been given to you.  Please look for updates right here at www.minarets.us and also like our Facebook page for the most up-to-date news.

Summer brings changes, time to reflect, and time to prepare for more growth as a school. At the district level, superintendent Darren Sylvia is beginning his fourth year as our leader in the district. Patrick Wilson will be entering his fifth year as our Director of Charter and his eighth year at Minarets. I will begin my fifth year as principal and my ninth year at Minarets.

New to Minarets this year are teachers Kenna Sandberg (Ag Science), David Elm (Math, Physics and IT), Joline Martinez (Math), Elizabeth Whitcomb (Resource) and Wendy Swanson (Resource).  They will bring a new energy to campus and will help make this year the most incredible yet.

It is also exciting to share the growth and expansion in our programs and resources. Our staff has spent the past three years in a comprehensive program of training in project based learning and how to provide a highly rigorous and relevant education. We believe all students can learn and that it is our job to challenge our students to become the very best that they can be. We continue to provide students with the best technology available with professional programs and software.

This year we have added more dual enrollment college courses and college enrichment opportunities in our quest to offer our students the opportunity to finish a year of college courses for free. We also have added career based pathways in business and construction. Lastly, we have expanded our athletic facilities with phase 1 of our stadium project complete as well as our weight room and outdoor basketball court facilities. This year we will build our second barn at the Ag farm and begin the first stage of a farm to fork plant science program.

We as a school will continue to push our students through real, relevant, student-driven project based learning at the highest level. Each year we grow in our ability to challenge our students through project based learning while also ensuring that our students are involved in rigorous academic experiences. Examples such as our Academic Presentations Benchmarks, our Senior Legacy Experience, and our professional opportunities demonstrate that we value real life skills for our students and we are continuously finding ways to implement them and measure each student’s growth.

We want to thank you - our great families - for all of your support and involvement.  Remember what truly makes Minarets a special and exciting place is not the technology or the program, but all the people in our school community and their many creative contributions. We believe that everything starts with relationships and when schools are surrounded with people who are passionate about learning, our students will always succeed.

Go big, Go pro, Go Now…..And Go Mustangs!


Daniel Ching, Ed. D.


Minarets High School