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Attendance Policy

You can contact the Attendance office via email: [email protected]
By phone: 559-868-8689 OPT 1
Our attendance clerk is Kristen Bourdet.


Minarets Attendance Policy



Excused: Absence from class for illness/funeral/death of any immediate family member, medical/dental appointments, or school activities.

Unexcused: Absences that don't qualify according to State Education Code Section 48200

Truant: Absences that are not cleared by parents

Other Absence: Upon advanced request of the parent/guardian and approval by the principal or designee, a student's absence may be excused for justifiable personal reasons including but not limited to:

(Education Code 48205)

Appearance in court, observation of a holiday or ceremony of his/her religion, attendance at a religious retreat for no more than four hours per semester, Educational conferences, Illness or medical appointment during school hours, of the student's child, when the student is the child's custodial parent.

Important Requirements

Regular attendance is an important factor in academic success.

Students' ALL DAY/Partial absences must be cleared within two (2) days (48 hours); otherwise it will be considered an unexcused absence.

A parent may not clear a tardy to a student's first class of the day based on their own ability to get the student to school on time (overslept, transportation or lack there of, missed bus, etc).

If your student needs to leave campus for any reason, a parent or guardian must call the attendance desk at least 30 minutes before the student's departure. The student must be signed out in the office by the parent. If the student feels ill, please have the student notify the teacher so the student can be sent to the main office.

After 3 consecutive school days of Illness, the student must provide a doctor's note upon their return to school

Students are considered tardy as soon as class begins.

Arriving on time to class is mandatory.


Truancy - Any student who is absent from school, without valid excuse, more than three (3) days or tardy in excess of thirty (30) minutes on each of more than three (3) days in one (1) school year is a truant (EC 48260).

1st Offense Powerschool will contact home regarding absence

· If verified truant, then after school clean up or Behavior Intervention assigned.

2nd Offense Powerschool contact home regarding absence

· If verified truant, then Monday Night School assigned.

3rd Offense Powerschool message sent home

· Referral to counselor – direct contact made by the counselor to the parent. Appropriate intervention noted in the discipline file.

· Monday Night School assigned.

· SARB letter #1 generated.

4th Offense Powerschool message sent home

· Direct contact with parent made by administrator.

· Continued contact with the counselor (intervention continued).

· Document contacts and interventions in the discipline file.

· Monday Night School assigned.

5th Offense Powerschool message sent home

· Mandatory meeting set up with administrator, counselor, parent, and student.

· All Student Privileges are taken away for the remainder of semester (senior privileges, dances, club activities, field trips, etc).

· Monday Night School assigned.

· SARB Attendance contract signed at the meeting.

· SARB letter # 2 generated.

6th Offense Powerschool message sent home

· Direct parent contact by counselor again/intervention reviewed and documented for effectiveness - document in the discipline file.

· Parent/student warned of SARB referral to District Office.

· All day On Campus Suspension (OCS).

7th Offense Powerschool message sent home

· Direct Administrator contact with the parent regarding SARB/possible DA notification.

· SARB #3 letter generated.

· All day On Campus Suspension (OCS).

8th Offense Powerschool message sent home

· Direct Administrator contact with the parent.

· Referral to SARB at the District Office level.

· Possible alternative placement, if appropriate or alternative education possibility through the SARB panel.

· All day On Campus Suspension (OCS) and Monday Night School Assigned.

Tardy Policy

Tardy - Any student who arrives in classroom after the bell marking the beginning of the class period has rung is tardy.

Teachers are expected to inform students every time they mark them as tardy.

Totals are for the semester.

1st Offense Student goes to class marked tardy (unexcused) 1st warning

2nd Offense Student goes to class marked tardy (unexcused) 2nd warning

-Teacher may assign in class consequences

3rd Offense Student goes to class marked tardy (unexcused)

-Parent is called

-Lunch Detention Assigned

4th Offense Student to meet with Administrator

-Parent is called

-Two lunch detentions assigned

5th Student meets with administrator

-Parent is called

-After school clean up/or Behavior Intervention

6th Student Meets with administrator

-Parent is called

-Letter home

-Monday night school


Graduation Policy

Students are required to meet a 95% attendance rate (171 school days) to participate in graduation as a senior. Students need to meet that requirement each year starting in the Fall of 2016 to participate in graduation. This counts for excused and unexcused absences. Independent study contracts will enable students to be marked present during their absence. If a student falls below the 95% attendance rate, they will be required to attend Monday night school to make up their absences.


Monday Night School

Monday night school is in place for students who have an excess of absences (under 95%) or who have been marked truant (30 minutes late or missing a class period without parental or administrative permission). This will begin at 2:40 and will last until 6:40pm. Monday Night School will be run by a certificated teacher who will report attendance to the Principal and attendance secretary.

Students who pass the 9 absence minimum must serve Monday night school to make up the absences to reach the 95% rate. Students with 5 Tardies or more in a semester will have to serve as well.