Protect the Tech

DO: GET INSURANCE for you LAPTOP. Most repairs are over $300 for damage.

LAPTOP INSURANCE: We recommend using WORTH AVE. GROUP INC. Insurance starts as little as $8 a month. 

Phone: 1-800-620-2885. They are available 8am – 6pm, CST, Monday – Friday.

DO: CHARGE YOUR LAPTOP in a clean, well ventilated space each night. 

DO: Consider having a computer sleeve in addition to a padded backpack.

DO: Every two weeks, wipe down your laptop with a damp cloth while it is POWERED OFF. Only use a clean cloth with water. 

DO: Use 2 hands to carry your laptop.

DO: Keep track of your charger, it is a $80 replacement cost.


DON’T: remove the protective CASE. This risks the case parts breaking and you having to pay for a replacement case. $50. Don’t use TAPE or OTHER ADHESIVES on the laptop.

DON’T: charge in backpack. Never leave your laptop on the GROUND. EVER. 

DON’T; Toss your backpack carelessly to the ground. Don’t Throw you backpack.

DON’T: Carry your laptop by the screen. 

DON’T: Play with the laptop screen, or close it really fast.

DON’T: Pull on charger plug or plug in your laptop carelessly. Pay attention to ports.

Please Read:

  1. MacBook Air 11” computer replacement cost for this school year(2019-2020) is $800.00. 
  2. MacBook Air 13” computer replacement cost for this school year(2019-2020) is $1000.00
  3. I understand the replacement price for a 45W MagSafe 2 charger is $79.00.
  4. MacBook Air 13” are reserved for Media Students and students of high standing.
  5. I agree to pay replacement cost of the computer I’m issued if it is lost or damaged beyond repair.
  6. I am expected to keep it in a PADDED BACKPACK.
  7. I will be issued only ONE power supply(MagSafe2) per year. 
  8. I have read the “Protect the Tech” flyer and understand my options and my responsibilities.
  9. I understand the school has the right to require return of the laptop at anytime, regardless of its lease standing.
  10. I understand that I am not to HACK, MANIPULATE, or CHANGE software on the laptop.
  11. I understand I should NEVER leave my laptop UNATTENDED. I’m using it for work or it is in my ZIPPED UP PADDED BACKPACK that is on my shoulders.
  12. I understand that if I find or see an unattended laptop, I am to turn it in IMMEDIATELY to a school employee, preferably in the front office.

14. I understand that I am not to take off laptop case/cover. I will not put stickers or other items on the cover or inside it. Covers are easily damaged with repeated removal. Cost for replacement covers is $50.00.

15. That computer insurance is NOT provided by the school, but the school strongly encourages purchasing computer repair/replacement insurance via a known insurance provider. We encourage Worth Group Ave. insurance.

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