Coaches Contact Info

Coaches 2017-2018

Head Football Coach

Becher Marr

(559) 367-6383

Head Volleyball Coach

Jessica Chacon

(209) 200-6940

Head Cross Country Coach

Rebecca Wilson

(559) 213-2641

Head Cheer Coach

Ashley Redman

(559) 676-6880

Head Equestrian Coach

Chloe Ferguson

(559) 676-7864

Head Girls Basketball Coach

DeAnn Kamalani

(559) 760-7699

Head Boys Basketball Coach

Anthony Patino

(559) 709-5057

Head Girls Soccer Coach

Michele Shattuck

(559) 942-0232

Head Boys Soccer Coach


Head Baseball Coach

Jesse Darrah

(559) 916-0695

Head Softball Coach

Aerik Garcia

(559) 558-7411

Head Track and Field Coach

Denise Alvarez

(559) 676-0715

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